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Multi Inc. Case Study

By Open Path


In the fast-pace market place known as the medical equipment industry, there is a need to quickly find the right piece, part, or machine online. Multi Diagnostic has an extremely large database of products but only 18% of those products were showing on page 1 of search engines.

Open Path saw the potential for the majority of Multi Diagnostic’s products to be page 1 of search engines.

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The Problem

  • Most of 200,000 part numbers not on Google page 1.
  • The website search functionality needed improvements.
  • The website needed an improved User Experience (UX).


The Solution

Open Path enhanced the structure of the website and updated the pages and product descriptions to be visible by search engines. As well, to make sure new customers quickly found their needed equipment we updated the user experience, so pages were easily found.



  • 90% of products showing on page one

  • Easier to find products on website

  • 2x organic search traffic

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