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Proarc Case Study

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As a SaaS company initially spun out from a much larger company, Proarc had brand awareness and an industry leading software solution, but no online presence. They needed to quickly build an online presence, generate leads, and filter out low quality leads to optimize sales staff efficiency.

Open Path had a lead filter strategy in mind to increase traffic that would only notify sales staff of high-quality leads ready for a personal sales touch.

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The Problem

  • New company needing a website and digital presence.
  • Rapid deployment of a Phase 1 website created a presence.
  • Sales and marketing automation tools minimize sales staff time requirements.

Proarc-mockupThe Solution

Once setting Proarc up with a modern CRM, Open Path started building a website structure that helped identify serious customers. Through designing specific pages for different users and creating a content strategy, Proarc became visible on search engines.

Proenco's new business development strategy has moved from being regional to being global.



  • The website and digital presence are a major source of leads.
  • Quote requests provide the exact information needed by sales.
  • Successfully expanding to new SaaS solutions and global markets.


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