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Artcobell Case Study

By Open Path


Artcobell, an industry leading manufacturer of k-12 educational furniture needed to increase market awareness and secure qualified leads for their dealer network. 

Their old website had significant content, but it was hard to navigate. Dealers and potential customers expressed frustration as they tried to find the correct educational furniture solution. The few sales leads had no structured process to get them to the right dealer.

Artcobell Case Study-1

The Problem

  • Visitors got lost in website complexity
  • Visitors needed to find their local dealer
  • Sales leads were infrequently captured
  • No set process for forwarding leads

Artcobell-screenThe Solution

Open Path completed a Strategic Positioning Plan and collaboratively identified Artcobell’s strengths that should be showcased. 

An easy to navigate and customer-centric website was built. Regional Artcobell dealers with superior support for classroom design, support and installation were highlighted with a personalized individual webpage and submit form for furniture requests. Sales leads are automatically forwarded to the dealer. 



  • Customer awareness of products improved
  • Customers find solutions to classroom challenges
  • Dealer awareness and sales leads have blossomed
  • Automation forwards sales leads to dealers 

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