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Business to Business Marketing is our Passion

As a Digital Marketing Agency we want to share some of our most impactful and favorite projects. Our B2B marketing impact is embodied in an assortment of success stories, each unique to the industry that our clients engage in.

Indeco Sales

E-Commerce strategy in business to business markets presents unique challenges. Your customer may be a large corporation with hundreds or thousands of employees. Each of these employees may need access to a password protected portal, reached through your website, that displays your product with the contract negotiated discounts automatically applied.

With Indeco Sales, a school furniture distribution company, their e-commerce platform was integrated with key customers ERP systems, giving their products significant strategic advantage relative to their competitors.



ElectriChef is a leading manufacturer and distributor of gourmet outdoor electric grills typically found in high-end yachts and luxury condominium projects. With great regional success, their desire was for a go to market strategy that would generate sales leads throughout North America. Various types of marketing strategies such as trade shows and print ads were tried previously with mixed results.

Open Path Digital was the marketing agency chosen to support ElectriChef by providing a complete marketing services package. Their full-service marketing package included the development of the strategic marketing plan, website redesign, and ongoing monthly marketing support.


RiBear Cattle Co.

RiBear Cattle Co. is a premier commercial cattle sales operation in Central Texas. Open Path Digital was tasked to help implement an innovative digital marketing strategy and a new website to increase sales and be time efficient for RiBear. Advantages of this new marketing strategy:

Based on the inbound marketing strategy utilized, business credibility was established before the first sales contact. Discussions now tend to be more about delivery rather than the basic "What do you have in inventory?". Sales have increased 30% to 40% in the first 6 months after implementation.




Stand2Learn's previous website was focused on the technical product design of their standing desks. Open Path Digital redesigned their website utilizing inbound marketing to attract and educate their target persona's in a personal way. Increased website traffic and calls to action increased sales leads and requests for a quote by 600% in the first year.


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Legacy Dental Temple

In order to grow the practice, new patients needed to be attracted and educated on Legacy Dental’s commitment to total health, excellence, and compassion. Legacy Dental had also developed significant expertise in the areas of facial/jaw pain and cosmetic dentistry and were open to referrals from other area dentists.

After working through a strategic marketing plan, it was decided that a complete website redesign highlighting the friendly staff, the focus on low pain dentistry and commitment to total health and wellness was needed.


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