B2B Digital Marketing Services that Increase Sales & Reduce Costs

Industry experts believe that by 2020 over 80% of industrial companies will rely on Digital Marketing for B2B lead generation.

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B2B Marketing Strategies that increase sales and reduce costs


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Your website is a tool for B2B marketing strategies

Every industry has one or two companies that dominate...

We know why! Successful Manufacturing, Industrial and Distribution Companies are rapidly adopting a go to market strategy utilizing digital marketing techniques to dominate their markets.

Your website attracts customers with B2B digital marketing services


Strangers >> Visitors

B2B lead prospecting has historically been the responsibility of distributors or sales reps, but digital marketing has changed everything. B2B digital marketing empowers manufacturers by attracting prospects missed by these historical methods.  Major tools utilized to attract strangers include:

  • Content Creation

    • Congratulations when making a page 1 ranking, but now your meta description must entice the prospect to click on your website. Your content must interest,  educate and encourage the prospect toward lead conversion.

      • Most prospects will search 8 to 12 pages before they convert to a lead.
      • Most prospects want to first identify the name of their problem.
      • Good content shows your target prospect that you understand their problem.
      • Content introduces your most profitable solutions to prospects in new markets.
      • Builds confidence that your company can deliver the right solutions.
  • Blogging

    • The main purpose for starting a blog, that is optimized with the right keywords, is to improve SEO and attract prospects to your website.

      In B2B Blogging, rarely is your target prospect signed up and anxiously waiting for your next blog. More likely, they are attracted to a blog by a specific topic and are directed to your website to learn more.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    • The term SEO includes strategies, techniques and tactics used to improve the probability of a search engine calculating that your company is one of the top 10 solutions achieving a page 1 ranking. Why is this important? Data indicates 97% of searchers never go beyond page 1.

      - Over 100 billion searches are done every month on Google.

      - SEO is used on websites, on blogs, on PPC ads and many other places.

      - Use keywords that match your target customer’s search patterns.
      - Researching your competitors can provide data for your keyword B2B marketing strategy.
      - Google and other search engines are constantly evolving. 
      - Technology and experience are needed to do SEO well.

  • Social Media

    • Every business desires an active and engaged customer base. The best way to grow brand loyalty is by attracting customers through social media. Socially connecting with your target customer base builds brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Your website converts customers with B2B digital marketing services


Visitors >> Leads

A website prospect will tend to remain anonymous until they believe that your company will bring value. Then and only then will they provide their contact information and commit to further engagement and a two-way conversation. 

  • Calls-to-Actions

    • CTA’s are the visual trigger that lets a prospect know an offer is on the table. CTA’s typically use action verbs such as "Call Now" or "Download this eBook" in the form of a clickable button. This is the first step in building a two-way connection between the prospect and your company.
  • Content Offers

    • Offers provide adequate value and encourage prospects to trade their contact information for the offer. Offers are most effective after a prospect has educated themselves through full access content and feels your company can provide the solution they need. Content offers, like e-books or service offers, like a FREE Sneak Peek at the competition, give your customer a clear next step of engagement.

  • Landing Pages

    • When prospects click on a Call-to-Action, they are directed to a Landing Page where they receive details on the offer. Typically this uses a "give and get" model where the prospect will give contact information and get the offer. Please feel free to download several offers to see how the landing page form changes. Click here for an example of a landing page


  • Forms

    • A form is an opportunity for prospects to provide contact information in return for additional information, a quote or a special offer. For highest customer satisfaction, requests sent in should be answered promptly.

      Marketing automation software, like HubSpot, can automatically prefill information that has previously been provided by the prospect and can also be programmed to respond with a personal thank you email.


Closing Sales should be a major B2B digital marketing services


Leads >> Customer

After a prospect has converted to a lead, (provided contact information) and started a two-way conversation, you have the opportunity to show that your company is the right fit to meet their needs. Marketing automation software is a great tool to efficiently meet your customer’s needs and generate more sales.

  • Automation/ Workflows

    • Sure, your staff can do every response manually, but why would you want to before you have qualified the prospect? Staff, at many small to medium size B2B companies, can utilize automation to provide the educational material that potential customers are looking for, exactly when they want it. Improved response times reinforce a positive experience with your company.

  • Email Marketing

    • Email marketing is an effective way to reach leads that have requested more of your company’s content. Content must be fresh and relevant to achieve a high open rate and must include an opt-out capability. Purchasing email lists and blasting out mass email campaigns to strangers is NOT inbound marketing and not effective.

  • Lead Nurturing

    • Lead nurturing is key to developing a relationship with your customers, at every step of the buyer’s journey, as they transition from being a stranger to a loyal customer. Open Path Digital focuses on meeting the needs of your customers by providing the information they are looking for.

  • Sales Alignment

    • Aligning your sales and marketing teams, to effectively work together, is one of the most influential ways to improve sales performance. Automated scoring can look at an individual sales prospect’s behavior and determine when they are ready to engage with your sales team avoiding dreaded cold calls.

Delighting your customers should be at the forfront of any B2B digital marketing services


Customers >> Promoters

Typically, your best future sales prospects are companies you are already working with. Marketing Automation can support personalized attention, unique to each customer’s needs to build loyalty and establish long term business.
  • Smart Content

    • If your target customer is an engineer, provide content important to engineers. Distributors have different needs as well as purchasing departments. Automatically personalize content for each prospective customer’s needs and track their interaction with your website, providing fresh content to encourage 2-way engagement.
  • Trigger Marketing

    • Trigger Marketing is communication with customers at pre-planned points of time. For example, an automated email could be triggered 3 days after delivery of a quote or a personal notification prior to an event of special interest to the prospect’s industry. The possibilities are endless.
  • Lead Scoring

    • Automatically monitoring and scoring a prospective customer’s behavior on your website can be utilized to determine their sense of urgency, how much they have understood about your capabilities and can alert your sales staff when they have accumulated a qualified score warranting sales engagement. Your sales staff will appreciate calling a warm lead.

  • Analytics

    • Use data to strategically plan your next marketing moves, calculate ROI and monitor what the competition is doing. We have technology and expertise to show you where and how to focus your marketing to reduce cost and improve your sales.

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