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Strategy & Workshops

Discover your path forward using the most effective industry methods and practices for growing your business.

Gain a Map for Success

Understand your brand’s positioning, identify your business goals, and create a culture that builds trust with customers with expert marketing insights you can apply to your business.



Take the First Step Towards Growth

Let's talk: Tell us where you're at and what your goals are. We'll help guide you in the right direction to grow your business.


Digital Marketing & Sales Strategy

Take an analytics-driven approach to understand your digital presence across all metrics and give you executable insights to grow your company.
  • Sales, Services, & Marketing Alignment

    Align your entire team and create a consistent message in the way you promote, sell, and service your offerings. Whether your sales process is straightforward or in a niche market with a complicated lifecycle, we have experience working across many industries and can help.

  • Technical Growth Audit

    Get an audit of your company's existing digital presence with a professional report and coaching session that analyzes:


    • Technical SEO
    • Website Traffic & Awareness
    • Messaging and User Experience
    • Lead Generation
    • Sales Enablement
    • Growth Recommendations
  • Digital Positioning Plan

    Get a complete competitive analysis and comprehensive understanding of your company's digital presence with a specialized report and consulting session that will give you insight on how to:


    • Drive Traffic with SEO
    • Give Clarity on Messaging and Awareness
    • Improve User Experience
    • Enable New Lead Generation and Sales
    • Implement Growth Activities
  • Platform Consulting

    Audit Your Existing Tech Stack

    Determine which software isn’t worth its cost, which software is repetitive, and help identify other software solutions that may help you do your job better.

    Start Your Audit & Learn What's Included


Craft a communication strategy that shortens your sales cycle and sets your business apart from your competitors.
  • Product Workshops

    Your customers aren't simply looking to consume a product, they're looking for a way to improve their lives. Our product workshops facilitate conversations with key stakeholders and inform you on how to communicate your value. In these workshop sessions you'll explore:


    • What your customers really want
    • How your products fulfill those needs
    • Why your customer needs your product
    • How to communicate this to them
  • Campaign Workshops

    Launch your new campaign with purpose and a plan that engages and delights your customers. Our campaign workshops facilitate conversations with key stakeholders and inform you on how to communicate your value. In these workshop sessions you'll explore:


    • What your customers really want
    • How your new campaign addresses their needs
    • Why they need your services
    • How to communicate this value to them

An Agency that Walks with You

Let's chart a course based on your business. We come alongside you in a position complementary to your role and needs.


Perfect Your Marketing by Knowing Your Market

Understand Where You're At
Determine Where You Need to Go
Execute a Plan to Get There

Understand Where You're At

You’re the expert in what you do, you just need a little help getting the world to understand that. Open Path is your partner in marketing your business.


Start Your Growth Path

Determine Where You Need to Go


We bring our industry knowledge to the table to guide you in the best practices towards reaching your goals.


Start Your Growth Path

Execute a Plan to Get There


Once you know what to do and how to do it, we stand beside you to coach you along the way or fill in the gaps where you need help with implementation.


Start Your Growth Path

Resources & Downloads

Discover what you'll need for the journey with these free and helpful digital marketing eBooks.

Get Equipped