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Overview of Carina

Carina Software is a leading provider of software and services. They acquire and manage business units that build industry-specific software for the public and private sectors.

Partnership Dynamics

Working with the Carina team since 2016, we restructured our process based on their unique needs to minimize the time requirements of their M&A teams and C-level management to support their business unit acquisitions. We enjoy a valued ongoing partnership with Carina, supporting them through each stage of the investment lifecycle, including pre-acquisition digital due diligence, sales, marketing alignment, lead generation, and integration services. 

Transaction Lifecycle Highlights

Take a look at how we Partner with Carina for Success 

The Challenge

Carina often acquires business units with a solid regional presence with the potential to move into national or international markets. Since the goal is to market internationally and beyond their existing customer and sales structure, modern digital marketing approaches are needed. Carina’s business success depends on efficiently acquiring and spinning up companies with minimal time commitments from M&A teams and C-level management.


Working with Open Path

As a supporter of M&A acquisition teams, we understand that acquiring another company or carve out as a profitable growth opportunity doesn’t come without risk. In addition, M&A teams work in high-stress and busy environments. 

Working with the Carina team, we structured our process to minimize the time requirements of their team while executing pre-acquisition digital due diligence, sales and marketing alignment, lead generation, and integration services. We maintain a valued ongoing partnership with Carina, supporting their acquisitions throughout each stage of the investment lifecycle.

Pre-Acquisition: During our pre-acquisition process, we execute digital due diligence to help identify the competitive environment and the digital positioning needed to take advantage of opportunities and provide lead-to-cash platform strategies. Alignment of sales, marketing, and service provides sales insights designed to set up Carina's business units for success.

Post-Acquisition: Our team is available immediately after the deal closes to implement the plan identified during pre-acquisition digital due diligence and to support the spinning up of the acquisition's lead-to-cash pipeline. Executing the strategic plan, we develop a new customer-facing presence, including brand messaging, website creation, and a digital platform supporting sales, marketing, and service. Integrations to the commercial side of the business are supported as needed.

Value Creation Strategy: During the Value Creation phase, we help Carina's business units maximize transformation and growth.

  • Data Analytics — a data-driven analytical review providing sales insights that improve lead generation.
  • Digital Platform Coaching — personalized coaching in best practices that help internal staff align sales, marketing, and support to meet new business development goals. 
  • Integration Support — HubSpot’s sales, marketing, and service hubs are integrated with JIRA, SalesForce, Sage Intacct, and other ERP platforms. Integrations across the entire lead-to-cash pipeline provide actionable insights to the sales team to improve revenue growth. 
  • Value Creation Services — We provide a custom data-driven solution for each unique Carina business unit acquisition to bridge the gap between the M&A team’s staff and the acquisition’s C-level staff.


“We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe that every business deserves a partner who works with them as much as they work for them.”

Chris Thornton
CEO & Co-Founder
Open Path Digital Solutions


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