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The Ultimate AI-Sales Assistant To Supercharge Your Sales

AI-Sales Assistant to Boost Sales

Are you tired of struggling to meet sales targets and being bogged down by inefficient quoting processes? Our recent "Empower Your Sales Team with AI" webinar has the solutions you've been searching for. 

HubSpot and Mobileforce CPQ are here to make your sales life easier. If you missed it, don't worry! We've got a quick summary with all the key takeaways, and the section of the recording showing practical online AI demonstrations is still available for you to watch.

The Challenges Facing Modern Sales Reps

Sales processes often face inefficiencies, leading to 66% of quotes going unpurchased, 65% of deals experiencing delays, and 45% being bogged down by manual tasks. Sales and operations teams have voiced their top 3 pain points:

  1. Pricing and quoting procedures are cumbersome.
  2. Endless back-and-forth for approvals and compliance.
  3. Errors and inefficiencies related to quote-to-contract tasks.

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HubSpot & AI Sales Software

In addressing these challenges, HubSpot SalesHub stands out as a best-in-class solution. Having earned the prestigious title of #1 Global Software Company at the 2023 G2 Best Software Awards.

By streamlining productivity with AI, SalesHub replaces the old way of overwhelming reps with activities and tools with a new approach that focuses on relevant activities, effective reps, and AI support.

Here are some key features:

Deal Management

Keep Your Sales Pipeline Organized: Easily track the sales cycle, automate tasks, and see a 36% increase in successful deals.

Unified Communication

All Your Prospecting in One Place: Manage prospecting activities from a single workspace and enjoy a 12% increase in deal creation.

Automated Sales Outreach and A/B Testing

Enhance your sales email outreach with the simplicity of automated sequences, explore diverse email templates through A/B testing, and witness improved engagement and conversion rates.

HubSpot AI Sales Tools

AI-Sales Assistant

Prioritize Leads with Predictive Scoring: Automatically rank leads, simplify qualification with machine learning, and get notified about promising leads using predictive scoring.

AI Forecasting and Report Building

Compare your manual sales forecasts to AI-generated projections, leverage historical data for more accurate predictions, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your sales performance.

Personalized Content in Minutes  — AI Content Assistant


Create sales emails, blog posts, social media content, and more within minutes. Customize content based on customer data and easily edit emails using simple commands.

ChatSpot, Your AI-Powered CRM Assistant


Boost productivity with AI support, getting help with tasks like research, email drafting, contact addition, and report generation.


Mobileforce – AI Tools for Sales Teams

While HubSpot takes the lead with AI-powered sales solutions, Mobileforce steps in with intelligent RevOps Automation. This platform helps sales teams create and submit quotes quickly and accurately, even for complex products and offline scenarios. Mobileforce prioritizes user-friendliness, ensuring its platform adapts to your workflow. Say goodbye to sluggish deals and welcome a faster, more efficient, and transparent process.


AI: The Driving Force Behind Sales Success

Throughout the webinar, one message was clear: AI is the driving force behind faster sales cycles. Whether it's improving prospecting, speeding up content creation, providing dynamic reports, or simplifying complex quoting, AI is reshaping sales. Machine learning AI makes data analysis easy, and generative AI introduces endless possibilities.

HubSpot and Mobileforce: The Perfect Team

Why choose HubSpot and Mobileforce CPQ? HubSpot excels at lead generation, automation, sales qualification, and reporting. Mobileforce complements this by enabling complex quoting rules, approvals, and discounts. Their integration opens the door to AI, empowering your sales team like never before.

AI Prospecting Tools, Virtual Sales Assistant, and More!

The "Empower Your Sales Team with AI" webinar highlighted the transformative power of AI in the sales landscape. If you're eager to elevate your sales, streamline operations, and meet quotas faster, don't miss this recording – it includes live online AI demos for a clear understanding. 

Your AI-fueled journey to sales success, backed by Open Path Digital Solution’s expertise, begins here. Watch the recording, embrace the future, and propel your sales team to new heights!


HubSpot CRM-Mobileforce CPQ-AI Sales Enablement


Get Help Building an AI Sales Platform with Open Path

When it comes to implementing AI-powered solutions and transitioning seamlessly from platforms like Salesforce to HubSpot while integrating Mobileforce CPQ into your sales operations, Open Path is your trusted partner. Our expertise, unwavering commitment to excellence, and comprehensive support make us the ideal choice for this journey.

Seize this chance to learn from industry experts and discover how HubSpot and Mobileforce can reshape your sales team. To explore AI-powered solutions, visit Open Path or schedule a time to talk with an expert.

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