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Boost Sales with AI Enablement, ChatGPT, & Intelligent Quote-to-Cash


Generating complex quotes and proposals is challenging for many sales teams. This manual and time-consuming process leads to delays and the risk of errors. And, while it’s crucial to have accurate processes, it's also pivotal to your bottom line to get as many quotes out as fast as possible. Determined to supercharge sales processes, we embarked on a mission to find the ultimate CPQ (Cost, Price, Quoting) solution.

After dedicated research, a transformative journey led us to a pivotal moment – a breakthrough! – that changed everything. Enter the remarkable alliance between HubSpot Service Hub and Mobileforce CPQ, delivering a seamless integration that revolutionizes lead generation, sales qualification, and quoting.


How to Use Sales Enablement AI with HubSpot & Mobileforce


In our recent webinar hosted in collaboration with Mobileforce CPQ, we showcased the transformative power of AI enablement and intelligent Quote-to-Cash (QTC), highlighting the impact on HubSpot users.


HubSpot CRM-Mobileforce CPQ-AI Sales Enablement


This blog post reveals the key takeaways and demonstrates how businesses can leverage these solutions to close deals faster while delivering exceptional user experiences. Take advantage of witnessing dynamic examples and embarking on remarkable user journeys.



Experience the future of sales. Watch our webinar now!


How AI-Enabled Automation Accelerates Sales Cycles:


Implementing AI enablement in sales has proven to be a game-changer for businesses. AI-enabled automation can streamline various stages of the sales cycle, from lead to opportunity and quote-to-contract.

  • Lead to Opportunity: Efficient prospecting, faster content generation, and dynamic reporting are just a few benefits of AI enablement in the lead-to-opportunity stage. By automating repetitive tasks and providing valuable insights, AI empowers sales teams to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

  • Quote-to-Contract: This stage is often complex and time-consuming. AI solutions like Mobileforce CPQ simplify this process by enabling businesses to efficiently create and manage complex quoting and proposals. Additionally, optimal upselling and cross-selling opportunities, approvals, compliance, and the creation of rules and deal guardrails should be seamlessly integrated into the workflow.

How Will AI-Powered Marketing Automation Impact You?

Generative AI allows businesses to harness creativity and generate new ideas. With less structure and human inputs, generative AI is poised to revolutionize how companies operate. Surprisingly, only 10% of B2B companies have successfully implemented a digital lead-to-quote platform, emphasizing the untapped potential for growth.

Why Mobileforce CPQ?


Mobileforce CPQ proved to be an ideal partner for Open Path Digital Solutions due to its tight integration with HubSpot. This integration enables a standard playbook with rules, dependencies, approval flow, and discounting. By leveraging HubSpot's deals, forecasting, workflows, and automations, Mobileforce CPQ provides a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of sales teams.

Why HubSpot Service Hub?

HubSpot stands out among CRM platforms due to its holistic approach. Unlike other solutions that have grown through acquisitions, HubSpot is purposefully designed as a single platform, encompassing lead attraction, education, qualification, QTC processes, and deal closure. This seamless integration simplifies complexity and reduces expenses, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking a CPQ solution.

Introducing HubSpot ChatSpot AI:

One of the highlights of the webinar was the introduction of HubSpot’s ChatSpot AI, a powerful tool from HubSpot. HubSpot’s ChatSpot AI enables natural language prompts, text and image creation, research capabilities, and the ability to build reports, lists, and generate emails, all within the HubSpot account. With regular updates, ChatSpot AI is set to deliver exceptional performance and continues improving over time.


How Mobileforce CPQ Drives Efficiency:


Mobileforce CPQ is an intelligent RevOps Automation Company that empowers sales teams to build and submit quotes quickly and accurately, even for complex product sets and offline use-cases. Their user-centric product molds to users' workflows, providing an intuitive experience. With Mobileforce, even the most challenging deals can move faster, efficiently, and transparently. Mobileforce CPQ enables you to automate quoting times that usually take hours (if not days) down to mere seconds.

Bringing Speed and AI-Enabled Automation to Sales and RevOps:

Traditionally, sales practitioners had to rely on IT and ISVs for RevOps intelligence and customizations. However, with the new era of AI and intelligent QTC solutions, power and intelligence are placed directly in the hands of sales practitioners. This shift enables faster decision-making, streamlined processes, and increased productivity.

Experience the Power of AI Enablement and Intelligent QTC!


The partnership between Open Path Digital Solutions and Mobileforce CPQ, fueled by AI-enabled automation and intelligent QTC solutions, promises to revolutionize how businesses close deals. By implementing these transformative technologies, companies can accelerate sales cycles, enhance user experiences, and achieve remarkable results. Experience the Power of AI and Intelligent QTC for Yourself!

View our webinar to witness dynamic examples of how it all works.


HubSpot CRM-Mobileforce CPQ-AI Sales Enablement


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