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Open New Doors for Your Sales Team with a Robust Marketing Strategy


Let’s face it. Your sales team is tired. They’re tired of high-level decision makers being inaccessible. They’re tired of being handed over poor leads that waste their time. They’re tired of writing emails that rarely get opened, and, even more rarely, get a response. They’re tired of talking to voicemail inboxes instead of actual people.


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Maybe that’s why over one-third of your B2B salesforce may leave your company this year, and 80 percent of those who quit their sales job do so because they aren’t feeling compensated well enough. 


The reality is, we live in a different age of doing B2B sales, which means you must execute a strong digital marketing strategy to eliminate these headaches and more. High-level decision-makers are more protective of their time and there are new gatekeepers to getting their attention. Traditional forms of doing sales and marketing just aren’t cutting the proverbial mustard anymore, and, with COVID-19, this has only been exacerbated as in-person opportunities dwindle more than they were already trending.


The result of this is a demoralized sales staff feeling stressed and full of despair. What worked 20 years ago simply isn’t working today. Your sales team knows this, but they feel they have no control over the situation.


What’s a Digital Marketing Plan & Why it’s Key to Your Success


What if, however, there was a way to give back to your sales team? Rather than them wasting their time trying to contact cold-leads, what if customer prospects were put right into their lap? Rather than your sales team struggling to convince leads to purchase from your company, what if your sales team only interacted with knowledgeable, potential customers who were eager and willing to buy what your company had to offer?


This is the actual reality for B2B companies that have adopted modern marketing techniques by using a digital marketing strategy. When you automate your lead-generation and adopt online B2B marketing techniques, your sales team can expect to generate 5-10x in new business opportunities when compared to using traditional sales techniques!


How is this done? A digital marketing strategy involves utilizing tactics such as:


  • A strong CRM (customer relationship management) technology with automated emails and contact outreach
  • Building content designed to attract and educate sales prospects (e.g. blogs, videos, webinars, etc.) with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind
  • Social media outreach (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), including paid ads and organic social media posts

Why does a digital marketing strategy using these techniques work so well? Two reasons: approach and execution.


A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy Focuses on Building Authority


First, let’s talk about your approach to a digital marketing strategy. This modern method takes a more passive approach than traditional methods. Rather than aggressively selling your brand to as many leads as possible, marketing with a digital platform presents your business as a knowledgeable resource for potential customers who are looking to solve a problem. In this modern approach, your customers initiate the sales process, rather than your business. As such, B2B sales on a digital platform are more organic and more human, providing your sales team with highly qualified leads who vet themselves.


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Ensure Increased Sales by Creating a Digital Marketing Plan


Next, is in how the digital marketing strategy is executed. Did you know that less than 65 percent of businesses are actively trying to improve how easily they are found on Google? Did you know only 24 percent of marketers are advertising using a digital platform? What’s more, potential customers searching on the Internet for companies, like yours, is only increasing. In fact, Google averages more than 5.6 billion searches each day!


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Create a Robust Marketing Strategy with Help from a Digital Agency


Does it seem like having a digital marketing strategy is necessary for selling in today’s market? That’s because it is! If you’ve never considered creating a digital marketing strategy to ensure business growth, you probably don’t know where to start. We get it! It’s overwhelming and you don’t have the time. At Open Path Digital Solutions, our goal is to help businesses successfully transition into the digital age by building a customized and proven digital marketing strategy called a Growth Engine. We partner with you every step of the way, so you can focus your time and energy on what you need to do. Talk with one of our Chief Growth Strategists today to get started!



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