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The Highest ROI in B2B Companies for Qualified Sales Leads


Qualifying B2B Sales Leads


The two main challenges frustrating almost any sales team are:


1. Identifying new sales leads

2. Finding the most successful way to initiate a conversation with those leads


In the past, companies would use cold calling to find new leads, but that sales strategy is outdated in today’s market. Valuable time is wasted when a sales representative has to research whom to contact at a company, win a one-on-one with the target, educate the target, build up to a quote, and then close the sale.


Learn how your sales team can jump directly to the quoting and closing stage for the highest sales ROI.


Highest ROI B2B Sales Strategies for Producing Qualified Sales Leads


The Ideal: B2B Sales Leads Qualify Themselves


Ideally, finding and educating a lead is something that can be accomplished with a well-designed website, branding message, educational downloads, and marketing automation software.


In this ideal sales team situation, your company website is attracting many visitors, and all the repetitive education and qualification of leads is done utilizing marketing automation.


Only “warm leads” (knowledgeable about your company, how your company solves problems, and ready to talk to a sales member) are forwarded to the sales team by your website. This means the sales team is given qualified leads who are prepared to buy your product, which allows sales team members to sell (or even up-sell) the warm lead, maximizing profit, and saving time.


The Reality: Sales Teams Qualify Leads


Unfortunately, most companies aren’t currently operating in the ideal sales situation. Most sales teams are spending significant amounts of time finding leads, then figuring out the best outreach strategy.


Furthermore, most leads have perfected the art of avoiding salespeople.


Most salespeople understand this frustration all too well and consider cold calling a waste of their time. If a company doesn’t have an effective sales lead generation and qualification capability, the company can be sure to lose sales staff to a company that does.


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Why Cold Calling Doesn't Work Anymore


Any sales team faces numerous obstacles when trying to find new leads and convert them. These obstacles can include:


Robocalls: Too frequent and disruptive, robocalls have trained most people to hang up on a sales call or not even answer the call

The Gate-Keeper: Most leaders and decision-makers in a company have someone between them and the phone calls they receive. Because of this, it’s almost impossible to reach a decision-maker during a cold call

Spam Email: Most consumers have spam filters in place. Even if your sales email makes it past that filter, unsolicited emails are rarely read and often immediately deleted

In-Person Sales Call: Arriving at a business or residence without an approved meeting can appear disrespectful to a person’s schedule, which will work against you


Sales Strategies that Qualify B2B Sales Leads Automatically


The solution? To combat the obstacles mentioned above, use the following Sales Growth Engine tactics to generate sales leads:


  • Create content that attracts warm leads to your website
  • Utilize automation to capture “top of the funnel” leads and send them requested information, then follow up automatically to see if additional information is needed
  • Set up custom forms that will capture the specific information you need to qualify a sales lead and make quoting more efficient
  • Utilize sales automation software to follow up automatically after sending the quote

Using these sales strategies will provide your sales team with qualified warm leads and allow them more time to focus on selling, rather than identifying leads.


Getting Help From Sales Lead Companies


Implementing a sales strategy, as mentioned above, can be overwhelming. Open Path is a global Sales Growth company that utilizes a simple three-step approach to attract potential sales leads, educate them, qualify them, and pass the qualified leads to the sales team. Automation can also help close those long lead time opportunities. 


Open Path will help you build a sales growth engine that will help bring your company the qualified leads that your sales team is demanding.