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How B2B Customer Satisfaction Drives Business Growth

6 reasons to make B2B customer satisfaction a digital marketing priority

B2B customer satisfaction sits at the core of key concepts in B2B marketing, and yet many marketers still don’t give it enough attention.

Digital marketing provides a cost-efficient modern marketing approach that nurtures B2B customer satisfaction, is easily tracked, and has unprecedented opportunities to measure ROI. Here are six reasons your digital marketing agency should be working to help YOU maximize customer satisfaction.

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Repeat Sales Are Valuable

It’s a simple concept — happy customers will likely remain customers over the long term and are the best option for your next sales lead. Unhappy customers try out your competitors and, in some situations, provide negative feedback.

Digital marketing, especially through the use of marketing automation software, makes it very easy to unobtrusively follow up on a sale and nurture follow-on business. However, that only works if the first sale leaves the customer satisfied. This is pivotal to your customer satisfaction marketing strategy.


Word-of-Mouth is Potent in the B2B Industrial Community


Every marketer dreams of driving positive word of mouth, especially in tight-knit industrial communities, where highly skilled staff tend to pursue careers within the business sector.

A strong history of success will move with these industry experts as they impact other companies in the industrial community. That only happens if you leave a path of collaboration and success by making customer satisfaction central to your marketing.


Follow Up that PO With Aggressive Professionalism


The buying cycle for most industrial sales doesn’t end with a signed purchase order; it ends when the team successfully launches that new product or captures market share in a new market. 

If you laid the right groundwork, they’ll be glad they engaged with your company.

Aggressively pursue listening to the customer’s voice and develop the right communication tools that enable you to confirm and act on what your customer is asking for. Take a few bullets if you need to but protect those that supported the decision to do business with you.


Developing Effective Buyer Personas that Generate the Right Sales Leads


The key to knowing how to market your product is the buyer personas that you need to target.

Is your target the engineer developing the specifications? If so, what will they be searching for to solve their product requirements? Is it special technology, a collaborative approach to cost reduction, or just a competent vendor that listens? Know your customer and use their language in your strategic marketing plan.

And don’t forget that once you demonstrate technical competence, you still are required to speak the language and meet the needs of the purchasing department before you get the PO.

Targeting only the technical sales and ignoring the purchasing constraints can be disastrous. Many deals have been derailed well into the final stages of the buyer’s journey when satisfying the purchasing manager has been ignored. 




Market Segmentation and Specialization in B2B Marketing


As you dig deep into the personas that buy your products, you can spot trends in your marketing data that otherwise would be hidden in the noise.

Data can be used to expose opportunities for market segmentation and specialization in areas where you can provide exceptional B2B customer satisfaction.

Sometimes, the results driven by different marketing approaches are wholly unexpected. We find that marketing automation software not only makes finding these hidden opportunities feasible but is enjoyable, as success can often be tied directly back to a single web page or blog topic that attracted that big deal.

Enhanced By Efficiency of Inbound


In many ways, inbound marketing is wholly dedicated to this concept of nurturing customer satisfaction. 

High-quality, helpful, and usable content helps your company establish authority in your target market, driving a consistent perception of being helpful. If you understand what your customers need and what keeps them satisfied, your customer satisfaction will naturally improve as a result.


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Simply put, digital marketing, combined with industry-leading marketing automation software, provides easy access and organization of data that can transform your business and drive industry-leading B2B customer satisfaction.

At Open Path Digital, we are always happy to chat about your industry and how our work may fit in. Together, we can see if we're a fit for your business.


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