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What’s the Best B2B CRM for My Company?


So, your company needs customer relationship management software (or a CRM).  You’re ready to get leads organized, increase your sales team’s production, and have a good return on your investment. But is it possible to find a great B2B CRM that can do all of this?

Here’s the good news – it is possible!  With a great CRM, you can utilize features that can drive the results you are looking for for your business. Let’s look at some points you should consider when looking for the best B2B CRM for your company.


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HubSpot CRM: The Best CRM for B2B Sales

Do you have multiple teams or salespeople that need access to your leads? Having multiple CRMs or Excel spreadsheets of information can be tiresome to look through. Your sales team wastes time sifting through data instead of closing deals. And even worse, good leads can get dropped.

With a B2B CRM such as the HubSpot CRM, your teams can have access to all of a lead’s information in one place. For example, after a lead comes in, a sales team member can go into HubSpot and quickly get access to the lead’s contact information and detailed information on the company they work for. Not only that, they can discover how the lead found your website and any interaction they’ve had with other salespeople, and have a running record of correspondence all in one place.

With one of the best CRMs for B2B sales, your sales team can say goodbye to the days of sifting through email inboxes and multiple spreadsheets.

How Your B2B CRM Helps Evaluate Sales Performance


Having a B2B CRM that allows you to evaluate multiple teams can be a game-changer. Are you stuck in trying to adjust processes and make teams more efficient? Are you having difficulty getting the information you need to make difficult decisions?


Use Analytics to Determine Best Practices


With a B2B CRM like the Hubspot CRM, you can run reports and get real-time information.  With the custom pipeline views feature, you can quickly evaluate sales team performance and adjust accordingly.  You can also evaluate metrics like churn rate, which sales team member has the shortest sales cycle, and what inbound strategies are most effective for your sales team to close. 

Your business can be complex, and the best B2B CRM will allow you to evaluate with confidence and help you determine the best course of action for your business.


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B2B Relationship Management Strategies and Your CRM


Sometimes, there is a lack of communication between departments. In one of HubSpot’s blogs, they state,

“Sometimes departments become so engrossed in their day-to-day work that they start to lose track of what other departments are doing and how they impact one another. While clients or potential customers are interacting with your company, they may find themselves being bounced around and misinformed because no one's entirely sure how to handle their needs.”

Help your customers have the best experience in their buyer’s journey by selecting the right B2B CRM.  With a CRM like HubSpot CRM, the software brings together the HubSpot Sales Hub and HubSpot Marketing Hub into one place and one access point for both the sales and marketing departments.

The seamless data flow from marketing to sales and onto service creates evangelists that generate referrals. These referrals can go onto big sales for your business, increasing your ROI in an effective B2B CRM.

HubSpot Onboarding for Your B2B Company

Are you ready to take the next step and evaluate what the best B2B CRM is for your business?  Or are you looking to implement some B2B relationship management strategies or best practices? Either way, the professionals at Open Path Digital Solutions are ready to help.

With our expertise in B2B strategies, we can help you select and implement the best B2B CRM for your business. Schedule a call with us so that we can get you started on the journey to success today!


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