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A Quick Overview of HubSpot CRM Onboarding & Why it's Helpful

HubSpot CRM Onboarding

As your company aims to establish its online presence and effectively manage its sales pipeline through a capable CRM, it's highly likely that you have already discovered or are currently utilizing HubSpot to amplify the potential of your online presence. And, while this CRM has some useful HubSpot onboarding tools available to you, the sheer depth of resources it provides can be a little challenging to navigate, especially if your marketing team is no more than just a handful of people.


In this blog, we’ll show you how you can take advantage of all of the great features HubSpot offers and how your team can use them holistically to drive efficiency, grow your business, and accelerate your sales processes—all without feeling like you’re going back to school to get (another) MBA.


What is HubSpot CRM Onboarding?


When adopting a new service, like HubSpot CRM, it’s common to go through an onboarding process. This refers to the training, transitioning, and implementation of the new software with your current personnel. Without a formal onboarding process, getting your team to adopt and use HubSpot will be challenging.

While you can forego a HubSpot CRM onboarding process and try to learn and implement the tools by yourself, more likely than not, you and your team will never get the full value of your subscription, and your ROI will be minimal, at best.

By going through a formal HubSpot CRM onboarding process, you get real live people backing you and helping you maximize your investment. You partner with a team that knows your company and its vision, with the insight of those who have already mastered HubSpot, setting up, maintaining, and optimizing your HubSpot account along the way.


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The Benefits of Partnering with a HubSpot CRM Onboarding Team


Your workday is busy enough as it is. In fact, one reason your company plans to purchase (or already has purchased) a HubSpot subscription is to alleviate the burden of insufficient workflows and processes. But with HubSpot being so intricate and expansive, you will likely never have the time to learn all the features and how to use them. Simply put, without a comprehensive knowledge of how HubSpot works and how to use it, you will never achieve the ROI you want from your HubSpot subscription.

When you partner with an agency for HubSpot onboarding, you gain the confidence that your CRM is set up and optimized for your team, ensuring you maximize your CRM investment: No lost opportunity for ROI; No money wasted paying for something you can’t use or simply don’t know how to use.

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Ensure a Unified Customer Experience

HubSpot prides itself on helping businesses market to customers through all three stages of the buyer’s journey: attract, engage, and delight. In most businesses, these three stages are handled by the marketing, sales, and service teams, respectively.

Without a streamlined HubSpot onboarding process, the level of adoption and utilization of HubSpot among these three departments may differ significantly. Consequently, this leads to a disconnected and fragmented customer experience. As a result, individuals initially attracted to your website may struggle to become engaged, while those who are engaged may face even greater challenges in converting into satisfied customers who are delighted by your company's offerings.

Going through a HubSpot onboarding process gets your whole team on the same page and ensures your visitors, leads, and customers have a consistent experience throughout their entire buyer’s journey.


Experience a Unified Team Culture

Engaging in HubSpot onboarding goes beyond ensuring a consistent customer experience. It also entails unifying your entire team, minimizing friction, and eliminating mistakes within your organization. This involves aligning everyone, avoiding lost leads, eliminating confusing handoffs between departments, and maintaining a comprehensive understanding of all communications with leads and customers at each stage of the process. By achieving this unity, your team can operate seamlessly and effectively.

How to Start the HubSpot CRM Onboarding Process


You know that HubSpot is an excellent resource for your business, and you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. How does the HubSpot onboarding process begin?

The first thing you’ll want to do is have a conversation with the people onboarding you. Here, you and the HubSpot CRM onboarding team will discuss your business, how you like to sell, and what processes your company already has in place.

After understanding this, your HubSpot onboarding team will work with marketing, sales, and service teams to incorporate HubSpot’s suite of tools and resources with their preferred operating modes.


HubSpot Onboarding for B2B Companies


Ready to get started? At Open Path, we help B2B companies maximize their investment in HubSpot by understanding your specific needs and goals, and how you can use HubSpot to accomplish these ends.

Moreover, we provide ongoing support and training, ensuring that we remain by your side even after the onboarding process is completed. Whether you are currently using HubSpot or not, it is never too late to embark on the onboarding journey. Schedule a call with us, and we can start that onboarding process with you right away.


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