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COVID-19 Shifts Strategic B2B Sales & Marketing Toward Digital


When COVID-19 hit the United States, the entire economy essentially shut down. During these months of adjusting to a viral threat, successful companies made a strategic shift toward digital B2B sales and marketing by employing a digital marketing platform.


This left businesses that continued to rely on traditional forms of marketing and meeting customers at brick-and-mortar locations struggling or worse, failing. Even more, companies that established a strong digital marketing platform before COVID-19 hit have outperformed expectations and are increasing B2B sales despite the pandemic.


Why Companies using a Digital Marketing Platform are Thriving during COVID-19


Simply put, due to COVID-19, decision makers are researching solutions to their needs online. This means B2B companies that have already established a means of reaching an online audience are capitalizing on these opportunities. Take for example, Hubspot, a SaaS (software as a service) marketing automation platform. At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, this company’s stock price sat at just over $100 a share and has nearly tripled in value. Why?


The COVID-19 crisis provided a stark contrast in sales performance between B2B companies utilizing a digital marketing platform and those that don't. In fact, smart money on Wall Street rewarded HubSpot, SalesForce, and other companies that sell digital marketing platforms.


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Marketing automation companies built on SaaS platforms are not outliers in building their value, as businesses using their services have seen a surge in leads and activity. The winners and losers in this economy are being determined on the ability to transition to and utilize a digital marketing platform for sales and lead generation. B2B companies utilizing a digital strategy are seeing their sales increase, while those who haven’t are going out of business or their company is being bought out by an acquisitions group who, subsequently, invests in a digital marketing platform themselves to maximize ROI.


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Switching to a Digital Marketing Platform is Easier Than You’d Think


Does the new reality of digital competitiveness worry you? Don’t let it! There’s still time for your business to succeed if you start implementing a strong digital marketing platform now! Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Team up with an experienced marketing company that’s been driving sustainable growth through digital marketing platforms for years prior to COVID-19. We analyze hundreds of companies each year and evaluate their competitive performance. In doing so, we've discovered that less than 10% of B2B businesses have implemented a digital marketing strategy that mitigates their risk against a savvy competitor or a global pandemic.


Strategically focused companies, like yours, are finding powerful allies in growth and transformation agencies that can build a digital marketing platform for them. It’s why those in need of help with B2B sales and a digital marketing strategy are turning to Open Path Digital Solutions.


Take the Next Step to Increase Lead Generation & B2B Sales


Unsure of where or how to begin? Schedule a free call to speak with an Open Path Growth Strategist and we’ll show you how to position your company for success during uncertain times using a digital marketing platform. The reality is, even after this pandemic is over, the changes in B2B sales are not going to revert back to the old ways. As such, building a digital marketing platform is not only necessary for your company to thrive during this crisis, but also to become an industry leader in the future.


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