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How Digital Marketing Changed Everything

Marketing is exponentially more complex than it was even 10 years ago.


Until a decade ago, marketing options were limited, especially when it came to digital marketing. Businesses relied heavily on signs and billboards, radio spots, and a select few could advertise on television. The vast majority of marketing was locally focused. Today, progressive mom-and-pops stores advertise on a global scale using a plethora of marketing options.

While baby boomers still make up the lion's share of purchasing power, millennials are gaining fast and they simply shop differently. But that's not to say baby boomers can't use technology to buy.


In fact, they comprise the majority of online purchases as well.

Though there are hundreds of ways to reach customers, they are far from equal.


Where marketing was once as simple as paying for an agate line in a newspaper, modern marketing is an array of systematic formulas driven by weighted variables. Every company must tailor its marketing approach to get its product out in front of its targeted consumers.

Means of Reaching New Consumers


Just over the internet, there are countless ways a product or service provider can reach a targeted consumer base.

To name a handful, companies can reach customers by increasing its SEO ranking and online presence, through social media, with the placement of Spotify ads, in AdWords listings, with pop-ups and using purchase stops. That is a limited list and does not account for mobile device advertising.


Capabilities your Business Must Have


There are business owners with the skill set and time to generate a productive marketing campaign, but for those lacking one, the other or both, understanding what a marketing agency must know is critical when determining who can reach a targeted consumer base.


A broad understanding of digital marketing services that can help a business grow is critical. Additionally, a company must have the skills to create websites, mobile apps, optimize both text and graphics for search engines, have a strong grasp of social media platforms and trends, and develop automated marketing. These are the minimum requirements.

Digital Marketing is vital to business success and, in most cases, that means finding a marketing firm capable of doing so.