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B2B Engagement Marketing: The ESG Approach


Engagement marketing is a great way to spread the word about your business – and it’s not just for B2C companies. More and more B2B companies are jumping in on the action by taking up ESG causes. In this blog, we’ll look at B2B engagement marketing and how you can use the ESG approach to reach more customers.

What’s Engagement Marketing and ESG?


Engagement marketing is a two-way street where your customers are also your representatives. It’s not only about giving your customers ownership of your products and services but also about the life and promotion of your brand.




How do you help your customers promote your brand? One way is by sharing what you're passionate about with your customers. Not only in the things that are relevant to your industry but also relevant to your customer’s world and personal life. It’s why you see so many companies focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

Examples of ESG Causes include:

  • Environmental – How does your company perform concerning its environmental footprint? For example, reducing greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions, etc.
  • Social – How does your company respond to complex social issues? These include issues like diversity and social justice.
  • Governance – How does your company conduct itself regarding fiduciary responsibilities? This includes issues of executive pay, organizational structure, and corporate culture.

How should I use ESG for my B2B Engagement Marketing Strategy?

Once your company selects which ESG issue to focus on, it’s time to let your customers know about what your company is doing towards these issues!

If your company is knocking it out of the park on lowering your carbon footprint, social media is a great way to shout it from the rooftops! Posts that feature “how-to” videos and interviews of your executives would be a great way to communicate this with your potential and current customers.

For a social issue such as diversity, a blog post on what your company is doing to increase diversity in the workplace would be a great start. To get the word out on governance issues, you could send information via an email newsletter to your current clients and stakeholders that they can forward to others.

New call-to-action


Across all three factors, a blogging strategy is an easy and effective way to start interacting with your customers. Informational emails, social media posts, and web pages designed around an ESG issue can also effectively communicate how your company tackles these issues. Once your customers see what you’re passionate about, they can advocate on your behalf and promote your brand and cause!


Getting Help from an ESG Marketing Agency


Are you ready to get started implementing this B2B customer engagement strategy? We here at Open Path are ready to help you turn your customers into advocates. We have worked with many B2B companies in helping them define which B2B marketing strategy will work best for them.  

It’s time to move forward with B2B engagement marketing for your company. Schedule a call with us today.

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