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Transform Your Business With Growth Strategy Consulting

Growth Strategy Consulting

When acquiring or transforming a business for market leadership, your decisions require valuable input. Effective delegation is vital to your success as a busy acquisition manager or CEO. With numerous tasks across teams and departments, your ideal scenario is to "fire and forget," confident that your staff can execute the mission without constant involvement in the details. You need a trusted and proven digital marketing acquisition strategy to achieve this. In this blog, we'll explore a proven approach for new acquisitions or company transformations that perfectly complements your business-building strategy, focusing on growth strategy consulting and the right B2B growth marketing strategy.


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Business Transformation With Growth Strategy Consulting


When addressing the marketing requirements of your new acquisition or company transformation, it's essential to establish a dependable team capable of executing a long-term plan with measurable milestones. This team should require minimal supervision while maximizing the return on your marketing investment (ROI).

While conveying your vision, setting goals, and assembling your marketing team, don't overlook the significance of conducting a competitive analysis and gaining a strong understanding of your company or acquisition's online positioning, commonly referred to as a Competitive Strategy.


Developing a Competitive Strategy is a three-step process you should execute at the forefront of developing a digital growth engine — an automated, online tool for lead generation:

  1. Strategy: Determine your company’s current perception and develop a roadmap for sustainable growth. Analyze topics of interest for your ideal customers at each stage of their buyer’s journey and plan out content based on their buyer’s persona.
  2. Development: Develop the actionable items and content identified in the strategy stage. Focus on the quality of consumer offerings, not quantity.
  3. Optimization: After some time, review the work done to see if it reached your business goals and how it can be further optimized for better performance. Use website analytics to improve SEO and update content and consumer offerings to ensure they are up-to-date.

Having an established plan that utilizes new methods and technology makes your sales team excited about the changes you’re implementing. Having such a plan makes those cooperating with your marketing efforts trust the process and work with confidence that things are headed in an upward direction.

A Competitive Strategy is a crucial and exciting way to generate leads and increase revenue for your new acquisition. Sure, there is a plan in place, but you still likely have some questions:

Let's dig into the answers.

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Timeline for Growth Strategy Consulting

Implementing a Competitive Strategy typically takes 2-5 years, depending on your company's product and current positioning. However, it's important to note that you can still expect to see a return on investment (ROI) in the first year. You can anticipate positive outcomes as each step of your strategy is executed. More content development leads to increased traffic, and this lead surge begins right from step 1, even before the complete realization of the entire process.

Pricing For Growth Strategy Consulting

Again, costs vary based on several factors:

  1. How aggressive do you want to be?
  2. How is your new acquisition currently positioned?

The cost of a Competitive Strategy can be as large or as small of an investment as you desire. But, as you see the results, chances are you’ll likely make establishing an effective digital growth strategy an increasingly bigger part of your budget.

A Proven ROI through Research & Growth Strategy Consulting

Based on research by Open Path Digital Solutions, B2B companies typically experience a 2-3x return on investment (ROI) during initial implementation. However, with a fully realized Competitive Strategy and a fully optimized growth engine, companies can achieve an impressive 5-10x ROI.

As an acquisition manager or CEO, you understand the importance of growth strategy consulting. You diligently conduct your research and assemble top-notch teams to handle various aspects of your acquired business, aiming for a profitable turnaround. You might be curious about the potential benefits of working with a brand strategy consultant for your recent acquisition and how it can impact your ROI. To find answers to these questions, simply schedule a conversation with an Open Path growth strategist.

We understand the value of your time and busy schedule as an acquisition manager or CEO. That's why our dedicated Growth Strategists are here to guide you through every stage of Growth Engine implementation, making it effortless for you to envision the process tailored specifically to your company. We take a customized approach to developing your Competitive Strategy, taking into account your unique industry and company dynamics. This enables us to provide expert advice on maximizing the return on your marketing spend, ensuring the best possible ROI for your business.

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