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B2B SaaS Lead Generation: How Top Sites Attract & Convert Traffic

Maximizing B2B SaaS Lead Generation: How Top Sites Attract & Convert Traffic

You've developed great software for a specific need in your industry, but how do you get the world to know about it? While there are various marketing strategies, the best place to start is with a great website. This blog will guide you through implementing B2B SaaS website best practices to create a standout online presence that attracts both traffic and leads.



Key #1: Keep Your B2B SaaS Design Simple


Your software offering is complex, highly technical, and serves a niche market. Communicating everything your software can do can be challenging and requires some restraint. When in doubt, remember this simple acronym: KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid.


How to Communicate Your Software's Value Proposition with Minimal Design


When a visitor comes to your website, they should quickly be able to answer some very basic questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • What do you want me to do?

A good example of simplicity is Navarik, a B2B SaaS company that helps cargo owners and inspectors be efficient. Did you notice how they didn’t use fluffy language, distracting pop-ups, or a wall of text? This is a clear example of the less is more approach used perfectly.

Navarik's homepage communicates its purpose within five seconds and uses minimal text and images.


Key #2: Great SaaS Design Compliments the Buyer’s Journey



How to Use Content and Design to Drive Your B2B SaaS Sales Funnel


Your B2B SaaS design should complement the buyer's journey, not interrupt it. In the buyer's journey, there are three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. Only in the decision stage is the buyer ready to purchase your software offering.

Your website and landing pages must appeal to each step of the buyer's journey. Provide resources, content, and calls to action that go beyond merely talking with a sales rep and scheduling a demo.

For example, let's say you're a B2B SaaS company offering a sales enablement tool.

  • To complement the awareness stage, you could create blog content that educates readers about sales enablement and its benefits.
  • In the consideration stage, you could offer a case study or a comparison chart that shows how your tool compares to other solutions in the market.
  • In the decision stage, you could offer a free trial or demo to let the buyer experience your tool firsthand and make an informed decision.

By designing your website to complement each stage of the buyer's journey, you can increase the chances of converting potential buyers into paying customers.


New call-to-action


Key #3: Capture Leads with Great B2B SaaS Design


Nurturing Your Leads: Best Practices for B2B SaaS Lead Generation

Your website needs to be a wealth of information, not only about your products and services but about the industry you work with too.

To market your software well, your website must capture and nurture leads at all three stages of the buyer's journey. Use non-branded options to give consideration-stage visitors the best solution to their problem. Provide helpful resources and establish your brand as a credible industry resource.

One company that does a great job of this is our friends over at CEI. Their landing pages and content address visitors at all three stages of the buyer’s journey. Rather than just being a website that sells welding software, they use their platform as an authoritative and knowledgeable industry resource for everyone, not just those who can buy their software.


In conclusion, a winning B2B SaaS design is all about simplicity, complementing the buyer's journey, and capturing leads. With these three keys, your B2B SaaS website will drive traffic and leads that convert into happy customers.

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