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Digital Marketing for Non-Profits: Get Found by Donors & Clients


Non-profit work is not for the faint of heart. Every day you see the hard stuff of life, both the best and the worst that the world has to offer. You fight for your clients and try to help them in the best ways your organization can, all within certain budget constraints. After all that effort, your organization deserves to be known by everyone.

But it’s not. 

You meet new clients and they’ve never heard of you. You approach groups for funding assistance and they’ve never heard of you. It’s frustrating when donors can’t find you to help, and it’s even more frustrating when potential clients can’t find you for assistance!

It’s probably not you; it’s probably your website

Marketing Your Non-Profit: A Digital Strategy


Digital marketing for non-profits is the modern way to get noticed by clients and donors alike. According to HubSpot, “Digital marketing, also called online marketing, refers to all marketing efforts that occur on the Internet.” Although this is classically a business strategy, digital marketing can also be a fantastic tool for non-profit organizations. Let’s look at three reasons why your organization is being overlooked online.

1. Your website isn’t optimized for SEO.

When someone types your organization’s name or the services you provide into a search engine, will your website show in the results? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to how well search engines, like Google or Bing, can find your website. It’s vitally important that your website be optimized for SEO so that when search engines are looking for matches to searches, your website will be selected and placed in the search results. 

There are different ways that you can optimize your website through both content and technical SEO. Many non-profits know the need to have a website properly tuned for SEO performance. However, many still make common mistakes that get easily overlooked. Be sure you know not just what needs to be optimized but how to optimize it as well.


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2. You're not creating content.

Creating engaging and rich content is a great way to attract both clients and donors with your non-profit digital strategy. Blogs are a natural fit for any non-profit organization to adopt. What better way to share success stories, how your organization is helping the local community, and showcase your organization's needs? 

Digital marketing for non-profits should include rich, well-written blogs. But how do you start telling the world about your wonderful organization? By using the same strategies that successful businesses use, of course! For those new to starting a company blog, it can be much easier than you think. By having a blog, you provide helpful expertise and shareable content that builds your authority in the service you provide but also helps your supporters engage and interact with what you do.

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3. You're trying to do it all on your own.

It’s hard to get it all done and within a certain budget. You want the world to know about your unique organization, but you can’t afford to do it alone. This is fairly common for most non-profits. Budgets are tight, so there isn't enough money to hire a full-time marketing team in-house to get your brand out there. If that’s the case for your non-profit, then it’s time to enlist help.

Getting Help from a Digital Marketing Agency for Non-Profits


Open Path Digital Solutions is a digital marketing agency for non-profits that has become a trusted partner in the non-profit sector. As your partner, we can guide you through re-working your website or even building you one from the ground up, all with strategies focused on digital marketing for non-profits. Schedule a discovery call with us today so that we can begin helping those who need your services and those who want to help your organization can find you!


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