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Why Paid Ads Alone Won’t Establish Your Company’s Online Presence


Your company has established itself as a reputable and authoritative source in your industry. Businesses look to you for the crucial goods and services you provide in order to survive. As you look to expand your business and increase sales, you know you need to establish a stronger online presence and capture a broader source of leads. As you’ve researched how to do this, you’ve likely come across the concept of purchasing paid ads to get noticed by search engines. But is this really the best way to establish your company’s online presence? Are paid ads really the best investment for your company? 


Yes and no.


When to Use Paid Ads to Boost Your Company’s Online Presence


What you’ve read is true: pay-per-click or pay-per-impression advertising does give your company more exposure. When you pay Google, for example, to put your content in a top position of search results, embedded ads, and YouTube commercials, potential customers will have increased exposure to your company. (Note that Google provides excellent analytic tools for seeing this impact.) The problem is, when your ad campaign ends, that exposure ends, too. And if you’re like most companies, you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on paid campaigns to boost your online presence. Not only that, as competitors try to advertise to the same audience you’re targeting, those ad campaigns will only get more expensive.


To create a strong foundation for your company’s online presence, you not only need paid ads, but you also need a strategic plan for gaining organic search traffic. Why is this? Purchasing ads doesn't increase your organic search ranking—only useful and insightful content can do that. When you purchase an ad, Google artificially puts you at the top of search queries. When that paid ad campaign ends, you go back to your previous search ranking. Paid ad campaigns alone won’t establish your company's online presence. 


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Paid Ads & Organic Content Work Together to Boost Your Online Presence 


The way to increase your organic search ranking is by developing useful content and resources that your potential customers are naturally already searching for. When you publish blogs, webinars, ebooks, and video content that searchers find engaging and informative, Google remembers that and ranks you higher when people search for information that contains relevant keywords to your business.


What about paid ad campaigns then? What are they useful for if they can’t establish your company as an authoritative presence on the web? Paid ads have their place and work best when they are specifically targeted and used in a concerted effort by your company. This could be for an upcoming webinar you want to promote, a new product or service unveiling, or for a rebranding effort.


Paid ad campaigns work best when you already have useful content boosting your natural search ranking.


Execute the Right Content Strategy to Establish Your Online Presence


Ready to work on building content to build your brand’s authority, but unsure of how or where to start? Want to purchase paid ads, but not sure the right ones to choose? We’re here to help! At Open Path Digital, we analyze your existing web presence and compare it to your competitors through the development of a Digital Positioning Plan. This strategic approach helps you identify which content you should create in order to gain the optimal amount of search traffic and identifies what keywords are best when it comes to purchasing paid ads. The best part is, if you’re not comfortable creating content, our team at Open Path can do it for you! Interested in learning more? Schedule a risk-free call with a growth strategist so we can discuss your goals for creating content that helps you establish a strong online presence. 


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