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B2B Lead Generation Strategy Will Drive 2019 Sales Growth

Posted by Open Path on Jun 10, 2019 10:30:00 AM

If you’re a company which has sustained success in a certain region only to start losing existing customers as well as having difficulty finding new leads, it’s highly likely your digital presence is the culprit. Companies still operating with the same sales tactics used ten years ago will not receive the same lead generation they are accustomed to. Vast differences exist between B2B lead generation a decade ago and today. 

To find new customers a decade ago, companies used expensive trade shows, print ads in trade publications, and cold calling. Sometimes, a salesperson could even pop into the lobby and request a meeting with a prospective client and find success in this strategy. Ten years ago, companies relied on industry representative groups that had cultivated relationships with the target customer. Approaches that were essential to gaining new customers access, now seem interruptive and are losing effectiveness.



On the flip side, information and solutions are immediately available today with simple web searches. Salespeople don’t have to be present in order for potential customers to learn about your product.  In many cases a highly functionalized website designed to attract visitors can drive strong qualified lead conversion. Marketing automation is utilized, which can handle much of a lead's initial request for information and basic product education.The result is the time consuming "Top of the Sales Funnel" activity is automated, allowing sales staff to focus on closing deals.

Companies can also use paid advertisements, social media sites like LinkedIn, and other digital tools within platforms like external links and hashtags to lead potential clients to their website, which can result in conversion to leads. Unlike outdated marketing strategies from ten years ago, current practices are quick, easy, available 24X7, and one third the cost of traditional marketing.


The Shift in B2B Lead Generation Strategy

A company’s hardest working sales channel has now become their digital presence and website. Potential customers will search for solutions to their problems online. Your website needs to be prepared, by being optimized to attract potential customers that have problems your company is uniquely capable of solving. For maximum B2B lead generation, your website needs to answer the following questions for potential clients:

  • Do you understand my problem?
  • Do you have a solution to my problem?
  • What product or service offered best fits my need?
  • Is your company the best one to work with?


Become the Favored Solution 

In the past, the potential client used a salesperson as a source of information; however, new customers now conduct most of their research online before reaching out to a business. Because of the popularity and efficiency of search engines, like Google, most potential customers have already narrowed their selection of companies before reaching out to two to three for a price quote.

Often, customers have even already chosen a favorite company just from online searching. The goal is for the content on your website to position your company as the favored solution before the negotiations start.


How to Shift to a Digital Presence 

While it may seem intimidating to implement a market leading digital presence, there are key steps you can take to make this shift happen. First, you’ll want to create a Strategic Digital Positioning Plan, which will conduct an audit of your existing digital positioning and effectiveness. Then you will need to understand your positioning and opportunities relative to those companies who are your competitors.


  • What digital assets do you have?
  • How much authority does your website have with search engines?
  • Does your website tell search engines what problems your company solves?
  • Do search engines see those that enter your site stay or do they bounce off?
  • How does your website perform relative to your direct competitors?


Answering these questions and establishing a digital presence can be a daunting task if you try to learn this as you go. Open Path Digital Solutions can help you build a growth strategy that is specific to your company. By using Open Path, you can optimize your B2B lead generation and sales tactics to build a strong digital presence. As a result of implementing a proper Strategic Digital Positioning Plan, your company will enter new markets, increase your sales leads, and boost your company's revenue.

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