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Four Key Questions to Ask about your own B2B Web Design


We know that many businesses take the time and effort to create their own B2B web design.


However, there are some key dangers which can inadvertently cause problems when they do. Here are four key questions you must ask about your website design.


Are You Sitting too Close to It?


This isn't practical advice from an optician!


It's an analogy to an action that many artists take. At various stages during the creation of a painting, the artist is likely to step right back to view the work from the distance that any person viewing the finished work will be away from it.


With your B2B website, it's easy to be too close to it, and forget that it's going to be viewed by strangers, and from a distance. Therefore you need to make sure that it works from their angle, as well as yours with content targeting.


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Are you too Knowledgeable to Write the Content?


Of course you know all there is to know about your business.

Therein lies another danger.


If you look around the web, you'll find many websites where the content is closer to a textbook than a sales pitch, simply because the content writer is talking from and at their level of knowledge, sometimes seemingly oblivious to the fact that many potential customers are simply being confused - and chased away.


Swap the jargon for layman's terms to ensure you don't bore or puzzle readers.


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Do You go Into Work Every Day?


Another danger, when creating a B2B website for a business that customers will physically visit, is to assume that finding the business is a given, simply because the person writing the content makes that journey every day.


It's important to remember that many customers are actually also strangers to the business location, and need 'beginner's guides' to find it!


Tied to this are other areas of information, such as payment methods, returns policies, shipping practices - even opening hours - that the people who work in the business take for granted. It's so easy to forget to tell those 'strangers' what they really need to know! Ask someone who barely knows your business. Can they get the info easily? If not, resolve the issue!


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Is the Journey from Arrival to Action Truly Customer-Friendly?


Again, by being so close and intimately knowledgeable about a business, it can actually make it more difficult to create a simple pathway a stranger will be willing to follow - from arrival, through gaining the information sought, right up to being able to take the action you want them to, and doing so swiftly and simply.


So, there are our four questions that ultimately highlight how it can pay to have your B2B web design created by someone from outside of the business itself. For a free consultation about your website needs, contact Open Path Digital today, your go-to digital marketing agency in central Texas.


Also, if you would like to know more check out our eBook on "The Essential Guide to Inbound Marketing!"


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