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How to Generate B2B Leads


As a co-founder of Open Path Digital, I enjoy fascinating conversations with business owners and C-level marketing/sales professionals.

Almost universally, those conversations focus on boosting B2B lead generation while helping the sales team increase sales revenue.


How to Generate Leads for B2B Sales

I hear success stories about how the company dominates a certain niche. Shouldn’t a company that dominates a niche with strong engineering product design, a strong corporate strategy, or sometimes just plain luck be awash with prospective clients knocking at the door?

In the midst of their success, three major factors surrounding B2B lead generation continually come up that cause concern. 

Finding more leads, finding the right kind of leads, and being able to say no to the wrong leads is the secret of profitable growth.  




Increasing B2B Leads

Whether it keeps you awake at night or not, both you and your competitors are struggling with their B2B lead generation.

A recent survey of 4,500 companies showed that 65% ranked generating traffic and finding leads as their top marketing challenge. Whether your sales reps are not meeting their goals or if the leads your sales team finds just don’t quite fit your business’s sweet spot, you know in your gut that you need a better lead generation strategy.


Download the 4 steps to growing a growth engine

Typically, we find that there may be three to five companies competing in a particular market segment. There will be one or two that are crushing everyone else, while the remaining companies are either hanging on or unexplainably losing faithful customers with years of successful history. 

Invariably those companies gaining share are utilizing inbound marketing.


Google alone reports over 100 billion searches per month, while 71% of B2B researchers begin searching for solutions rather than keying in a company name. This data explains why it is getting harder to protect once-safe accounts.

Also, unless your lead generation strategy includes utilizing inbound marketing to attract new prospects, it is easy to see why your competition is winning.


Open Path: Your B2B Lead Generation Partner

The right B2B lead knows about your company and why you are the best solution for their needs. When your sales team reaches out, the response will be warm and welcome. Say goodbye to wasted time on unwanted cold calls that don’t work.


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