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Modern Marketing Concepts to Attract Customers Now

By David Hardwick

Inside most people's head is a giant question labeled, "WIIFM?"

Despite how it sounds, this doesn't connect them to an imaginary radio station! It's an acronym for: "What's in it for Me?"

Your aim, through social media activities and other forms of inbound marketing, is to give them the information they need to understand your company and how your solutions solves their problems. 

Here are four proven ways you can attract customers to your business using effective modern marketing concepts:

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1. How to Attract Customers: Be Engaging

The first modern marketing concept you need to focus on is attracting customers.

To build brand interest, you start by quickly engaging with your audience. This is as true with social media as it would be if you were to go to a gig by a well-known comic, or spoken to by a stranger at a party, or when you switch on at the start of a TV documentary.

Therefore, your social media and inbound marketing content should present that early hook, particularly for first-timers, that allows them to know that you are talking to or about them. This is true across all areas, such as a Twitter or Facebook post to direct visitors to your website, or any other part of your inbound strategy such as uploading a video to YouTube.


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So, find that important and engaging starting point. 

Whether an image that creates visual connection, an endearing story that causes a reader to linger and ponder life or a predicament that readers can imagine themselves caught in, the goal in modern marketing is to draw the reader in quickly and engage them emotionally.

Readers may not remember much about what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel! The concept behind inbound marketing is to be personal. Marketing is relational, and it helps you connect.  

2. Modern Marketing Process: Be Involving

This can be through the use of questions, directly or indirectly, and can be as simple as the example.

But there is a myriad of ways to involve potential customers. You might hold a live Q&A session on Twitter, provide a series of step-by-step video posts helping those who access them to achieve a specific goal (as well as have them be involved with each post over a period of time).

You might ask for feedback from past actions or 'feed-forward for those you might consider in the future! Inviting viewers to share their experiences or offer tips and advice widens the interest for your modern marketing postings.


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3. Advantages of Contemporary Marketing: Be Expansive

Across the internet, people are increasingly looking to a variety of sources for content, from YouTube videos to Pinterest boards, Twitter messages to Facebook postings, and much more. Expanding your presence into different channels may uncover hidden gems for reaching new customers.

However, do this as an integral part of your strategic inbound marketing campaign and implement approaches that will give you feedback on how well each channel is performing.

Continually try new approaches, measure results, and do more of what works well for you and your customer base.


4. Consumer-Oriented Approach: Be Only Slightly Invasive

Unlike a quarterly mail shot, social media is fast and frequent. Social media content has the power to invade people's lives, which means it's important to strike the right balance when doing so.

The former work colleague who phones every few weeks to organize a catch-up lunch is welcome, the same call every day would very quickly become an annoyance to be avoided!

By assessing your social media activity, and the responses to them, you can build up a picture of how, when, and how often you should put your business out there to gain the best results.


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