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How to Use Google Trends to Analyze Your Company's Digital Presence

By Luke Donahue

During the Summer of 2020, Google trends reported some seemingly bizarre results. Take, for example, the search term “sourdough.” In February, the keyword ranked in the mid-teens out of 100 in terms of popularity. By the end of April, however, it suddenly became one of the most popular search queries on Google.

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Why the sudden surge in popularity? New hobbies abounded during COVID-19 quarantine, with similar searches such as “pickling” and “origami” both reaching their highest search popularity in Google history. As we transitioned into hosting nearly everything virtually with limited social gatherings, our search inquiries also transitioned.

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These changes haven’t merely been a shift in hobbies, however. Google analytics have demonstrated drastic shifts in not only consumer behavior, but also business behavior. Businesses have scrambled to adjust how they do sales and service as a “post-COVID-19 normal” sets in.

Take, for example, “video conferencing.” Just like “sourdough,” this search term skyrocketed in the spring of 2020. While it has decreased in interest since, it has settled into a “new normal” where it’s generating searches at a much higher rate than its pre-coronavirus popularity.

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In addition, Google Trends analysis allows you to see ancillary search results that accompany trends. For example, look at how searches for “homeschooling” changed alongside “video conferencing.” It’s not uncommon for searches relating to homeschooling to spike during the months preceding the start of the school year. Post-coronavirus, however, that spike was much higher than it has ever been.

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As we have already seen, businesses that were positioned well on their digital platforms have thrived during this time. Unfortunately, research suggests that this only accounts for an acute minority, as 90 percent of businesses don’t know how to effectively manage their digital presence.

Do you fall in that 10 percent category? Fortunately, there are some nice free tools to see if you are. Those who were well positioned prior to the COVID-19 outbreak saw a significant uptick in search trends and website traffic directed to their websites. Were you one of those companies? Below are some tools you can use to find out.




Must-Know Tools to Establish Your Company's Online Presence

If you'd like to know more about website analytics and how you can use them to grow your company, check out our next blog, "Why Website Analytics Will Save Your Company in 2021."



Next Steps to Improving Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If the results of your inquiries using the tools above were disappointing, there are many ways you can improve your company’s digital marketing presence. The first step is to talk to an expert. At Open Path Digital Solutions, we help businesses just like yours develop a digital marketing strategy to improve their performance using a digital platform. We are experts at dissecting website analytics to improve your company’s digital presence. When you’re ready to discuss your business strategy, schedule a call. We’d be glad to help.


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    by Luke Donahue

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