Private Equity

Providing you with global B2B competitive intelligence and insight into your next acquisition.

Potential for Value Creation  Begins  Pre-Acquisition

Digital due diligence helps you uncover value-creation RISKS and OPPORTUNITIES. Our years of experience working with spin up teams have taught us how to respect their time and provide results. 

Pre-Acquisition; As part of pre-acquisition digital due diligence, our analysis of your target’s digital maturity, brand awareness, competitive positioning, the opportunity for growth, and spin up cost will support your offer strategy. 

Post-Acquisition; Our team will do the heavy lifting to implement a digital Lead to Cash process that integrates and transforms how sales, marketing, support, and finance align and leverage information.


Request Pre or Post Acquisition Support

We Respect Your Time. Let's discuss what you need.  We can help with digital due diligence or post-acquisition digital Lead to Cash value creation. 


Value Creation Through Due Diligence Insights

A key component of any buy and build strategy is taking the digital due diligence insights and implementing them into an integrated Lead to Cash digital platform. 
After analyzing hundreds of companies over the last several years, we find that less than ten percent of your acquisition's competitors will have a functional digital strategy and either a digital lead to quote or lead to cash system in place.
HubSpot provides an excellent digital platform that can be optimized to generate new logo leads at an acquisition cost that is 50% to 66% lower than traditional lead generation. In addition, HubSpot insights and integrations can transform how sales, marketing, support, and finance align and leverage information.

As HubSpot Platinum partners, Open Path can provide strategy and implementation to support your spin up.  

Digital Due Diligence Deliverable

Digital Positioning - Provide insight into your competitor's digital Go To Market strategy, quantify your acquisition's digital presence, and identify the highest ROI approach for revenue growth. 

Management Team Interview - We facilitate a one- to two-hour deep dive discussion covering the existing lead generation pipeline to identify weaknesses and opportunities for revenue growth.

Tech Stack Audit - Map out the existing Lead to Cash digital platform stack to identify adequacy, level of integration, and alignment between sales, marketing, support, and finance.

Website and Digital Assets - Evaluation of the website and content for technical function, adequate messaging, UX, and suitability for post acquisition value creation. 

Digital Strategy and Budget Forecast - We document where your Lead to Cash process is today, and provide a summary plan and budget to help your acquisition become competitive in its market. 

Restructuring a Carve Out or Corporate Spin Off?

Designing a lead to cash process and digital brand strategy for a carve-out is a heavy lift. 
Onboarding the right digital platform components,  identifying URLs that need redirects, securing passwords and user access, along with building a digital brand from scratch is complex.
Don’t worry. We got this!

Digital Transformation 

Frequently, a company's lead to cash system has been cobbled together over multiple years. Many times it was constrained by the parent company's needs. A carve-out can provide an opportunity to implement user-friendly and lower-cost digital strategies. 

Modern systems such as HubSpot align your website, sales, marketing, and support teams and drivethe lead-to-quote process. The commercial side of your business, whether built on SalesForce, Sage, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, or other financial software can easily integrate with HubSpot. This two-way integration will tie your lead to cash system together and support maximum value creation.  

Marketing on Your Terms

No two companies have the exact same marketing needs. At Open Path, we don’t try to force you or your team into a mold. Rather, we come alongside you in a role complementary to your role and needs.